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The Fastest Way to Level Up Weapons in Modern Warfare 3

The Fastest Way to Level Up Weapons in Modern Warfare 3

The first thing we need to do when we enter COD MW3 is to build a strong character, in which upgrading weapons is very important. So, how to upgrade weapons quickly in Modern Warfare 3? Below, we will briefly introduce some of the fastest ways to upgrade weapons in COD MW3.

The Fastest Way To Level Weapons

The trick is to play Zombies mode, where you can level up a weapon in just 40 minutes for a weapon with around 20 levels. Here's how it works:

  1. Pick the weapon you want to level up and ensure you have an insured weapon slot. If you die within Zombies, you must wait an hour for the weapon to refresh and be usable again.

  2. Find a vehicle and wait until the 43 minutes and 45 seconds marker. The Xfill Choppers will spawn on the map, and you need to go to one of them. Call it in, and zombies will start spawning.

  3. Use your field upgrade, such as the energy mine, to kill zombies and gain weapon XP. The energy mine works well because it kills zombies, and the zombies it kills count toward your weapon XP.

  4. Keep picking up ammo and armor from the dead zombies to keep going.

  5. Use double weapon XP to speed up the process.

  6. Once your weapon hits a max level, get on the Xfill chopper and leave the game. You will get all your match XP for killing zombies, which is quite a bit to level up your character.

While this method is the fastest, doing the same thing repeatedly can be boring. This is where you can take the pressure off and finish upgrading your character and weapons with COD MW3 Boosting.

For multiplayer, it is still worth using double weapon XP, and objective-based game modes like domination or hardpoint are the best to play. Decoy grenades also work like in Modern Warfare 2, so throw them around to gain weapon XP. Choose the smallest maps, like rust and terminal, to get more kills and complete more objectives.

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